Come With Me: A Landscape Installation

Amazing landscape installation artist, Ellie Davies invites us into her world in this stunning installation. Come With Me is a series of natural tools that guide one’s self into the forest to find peace, away from the corporate suits. Ellie wants to you to get to nature, she makes an interesting question: “If all natural spaces are utilized, shaped, managed and farmed by man, can we ever access the natural world on its own terms?” Awesome work from the lovely Ellie Davies, be sure to check out more of her work after the jump.

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We think Jennifer rocks.


I Want You ft Andre 3000 & Nas - Lloyd

Hate Lloyd but loooove this tune!

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Finn Juhl’s House - Photography by Roger Valentin Mandt

Each piece of furniture is practical, human-sized, tempered with an organic form made of teak and other warm woods. The rooms are cozy and comfortable, with calm tones, punctuated here and there by bright, primary color.

Photography by Roger Valentin Mandt (via The Mid Century Modernist)


We are in love.


Watermelon Sundae - Dom Kennedy

me gusta.

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